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Tenant Representation

Dominion Advisory Group, Inc.

Whether your company is considering an expansion, relocation, consolidation, renewal, build-to-suit or purchase, Dominion Advisory Group, Inc. provides long-term commercial real estate solutions.

  • Tenant advisory

  • Market analysis (including full demographic reports, aerial photos, traffic counts, competitor study & void analysis)

  • Site selection

  • Creation of Letter of Intent

  • Referral to trusted professional such as legal, architectural, marketing, construction & signage

  • Assist in lease negotiation to the extent needed, including offering campaigns to pre-lease and obtain commitments from tenants for new retail space reservation

Dominion Advisory Group, Inc.’s tenant advisory services are provided with the mission of offering corporate clientele the unique opportunity to outsource facilities assignments through a single point of contact as directed by seasoned professionals, in the commercial real estate industry.

Understanding the business from an ownership and development side allows Dominion Advisory Group, Inc. tremendous insight into tenant representation and site selection. We have the development experience to understand the big picture rather than just to find a site or a space in a shopping center operating as a commercial property broker. Dominion Advisory Group, Inc. has the potential to envision sites or projects that other pure brokerage companies may never realize. Also, other brokerage companies may not take the effort that is necessary to explore and conquer the various obstacles and challenges of a property. We determine the client’s requirements and needs by working through every step in the entire process. Our goal is to assist you, our client, by making good outcomes possible at highly competitive pricing.

Services Overview
Our background in decades of commercial property management, ownership, and development provides tremendous insight to big-picture success for both retail and corporate clientele across the board.
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