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  The highest quality people & services

Leasing & Management

Dominion Advisory Group, Inc.

Leasing & Management

Dominion Advisory Group, Inc.

  The highest quality people & services


Leasing & Management

Dominion Advisory Group, Inc.

  The highest quality people & services


Property manager will handle existing tenant lease transactions, however, depending upon the tenant or issues involved, a leasing agent or a senior administrative property manager may become the primary point of contact. Property manager will communicate with the leasing agent as to current market conditions and to keep the leasing agent aware of tenants which may not be extending their lease or which may be struggling.

  • Determine expiration and option to renew exercise dates.

  • Whenever possible, personally meet with the tenant whose lease is being negotiated to determine their specific needs and objectives.

  • Discuss issues and proposed rates and terms with property owner and then prepare a detailed full written proposal to send to the tenant.

  • Negotiate terms and conditions of the transaction with the tenant, coordinating the status and seeking input and guidance from the property owner and senior DAG staff members.

  • Prepare necessary lease amendment documents and submit to property owner for approval prior to sending to Tenant for review and signature.

Commercial Property Lease Renewals, Extensions & Expansions

The commercial property management services which DAG would typically provide on a shopping center as the leasing agent for retail space:

  • Collect rentals and other charges from tenants and parcel owners. Deposit funds in the bank account set up solely for the Property. Based on DAG’s banking relationship, few, if any, bank charges are incurred by clients.

  • Inspect property four times per month. Additional visits on an as needed basis in addition to supervisory inspections.

  • Bill rentals and reimbursable charges to tenants and parcel owners.

  • Handle all tenant questions, maintenance, collection and administrative issues concerning retail and commercial property.

  • Coordinate all repairs, leasehold improvements and maintenance through contract labor and establish preventative maintenance programs where appropriate.

  • Enforcement of leases and CC&Rs. Confer with and retain legal counsel when necessary and approved by the property owner.

  • Report insurance claims to the insurance agent for the Property and to the property owner.

  • Review, approve and pay all appropriate bills for the Property.

  • Provide 24-hour answering service. Property manager assigned to the Property will typically be called, unless off-duty, in which event, another experienced property manager will handle the call.

  • Coordinate and document assignment of lease transactions.

  • Prepare annual budget for income, expense and capital categories.

  • Prepare a monthly accounting report to be generated on professional software systems. Electronic and/or hard copies of the reports sent by the 20th of each month for the prior month’s activities. Each report to be accompanied by a narrative Property Status Report outlining Property’s activities of the month, as well as a bank reconciliation.

  • Collection of insurance certificates from each tenant.

  • Establish criteria, obtain bids from qualified, insured, licensed contractors to perform work on the buildings, common area or leasehold improvements and oversee the work being performed. Contractors/Vendors must provide certificates of insurance naming property owner and DAG as additional insureds.

  • Acting as the commercial property site improvement advisors, we review tenant signed drawings and leasehold improvement plans.

  • Obtain Gross Sales reports (if prescribed by the lease) from tenants required to report and calculate any percentage rent which may be due.

  • Retain on property owner’s behalf, a real estate tax assessment appeal consultant to review annual assessments and advise if appeal is warranted. Consultant typically compensated through a contingency fee agreement.

  • Provide the lender with financial reports on the Property’s operations.

  • Prepare annual reconciliation of NNN charges for each tenant.

Leasing & Property Management
Services Overview

Prior economic conditions of the 1980’s, 1990’s, and the 2007-12 Great Recession have served to highlight the volatility of commercial real estate markets and the need to secure expert representation in the strategic areas of leasing, property management, and asset management services. In reducing the risks inherent in owning and managing investment property, the markets have clearly demonstrated that the reputation and integrity of Dominion Advisory Group, Inc. “make a huge difference” when it comes to enhancing asset value.

“It gets back to remembering who your customer is. To us, a commercial tenant is a customer. To many other property management firms, the tenant is simply a debtor,” says Larry R. Baumgardner, CCIM, president of Dominion Advisory Group, Inc. Mr. Baumgardner goes on to say that “the reason we take that approach on the leasing and property management side of the house is because we have that approach on the corporate services (tenant representation) side. It’s just an automatic transferal.”

With a philosophy of building on service, the Dominion Advisory Group, Inc. is the “go to firm” in San Antonio and all of South Texas when it comes to adding asset value and providing stabilized services from seasoned veterans of the commercial property leasing and commercial property management industry.

Our service-based philosophy has made DAG the “go-to firm” for best commercial tenant relations for premium retail space services across all of South Texas.
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