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Dominion Advisory Group, Inc.

A History of Service

Dominion Advisory Group, Inc. (“Dominion”) is a commercial real estate brokerage, development and investment entity that provides a full range of commercial real estate services to a number of third party institutional clients, individual investors, and the Baumgardner family of development and investment entities. Dominion serves this client base in all areas of brokerage, leasing, property management, development services, asset management and consultative services. In certain circumstances, Dominion will also work with and represent third party corporations and investors in joint venture formats where there have been long-standing relationships with Dominion and/or the Baumgardner family.


Dominion Advisory Group, Inc. shares its commercial real estate responsibilities with Dominion Healthcare Realty, LLC. (“Dominion Healthcare”). Dominion provides specific expertise in the areas of traditional real estate asset categories such as land development, shopping center development, leasing, property management, other vertical development projects, etc., while Dominion Healthcare is completely focused upon the development and investment in the healthcare arena.

Our Approach to Business

Dominion Advisory Group, Inc. operates under a very straightforward set of core values and operating principles when delivering service to third party clients and the Baumgardner family, as well as when working with allied vendors and professionals in the community.  A summary of those core values includes the following principles:

First, Dominion strives to honor the basic tenements of ethical and honest professional practices.

Second, Dominion is a company that operates through the eyes of “a servant’s mindset” in honoring its duties and responsibilities to those it serves.

Third, when Dominion assists individual clientele and family-owned trusts and limited partnerships, it is extremely cognizant of the faithfulness required to appropriately manage generational investments where children and grandchildren are depending upon the successful strategies and outcomes that will provide a lasting outcome in sustaining cash flows and building wealth.

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